I’m posting this brief plea because this sweet senior girl still needs your help.
We first introduced CC to you in Nov/Dec.  However she got lost among the holiday hoopla and the campaign to raise funds for her care was a bit derailed.
She still needs us.  She still needs you. 

CC was diagnosed with a condition that thickens the valves of her heart and makes it hard for her to breath.  Right now CC is in the hospital under observation, but is responding well to medication.

This girl epitomizes what we do here at LLP.  She is a permanent foster; meaning that she will not be up for adoption because of her medical condition.  We have committed to caring for her for the rest of her life no matter what.  However; her veterinary bills are becoming substantial and we need your help.

CC has not given up on life.  When she’s in her foster home she has a spunky personality; loves to play with her toys, and is still a first-class snuggler.

If you are able – we urge you to click the link  which will direct you to CC’s You Caring Fundraising Page

 Thank you,

Rita Kirouac
Life’s Little Paws Cocker Spaniel Rescue


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