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Have you been to our Facebook Auction yet?  No?!?!?  There are over 100 items to bid on!  It’s easy – click the link and then just place your  bid in the comments section of your favorite items.  But remember – check back now and again in case someone outbids you!  Good Luck and Happy bidding.  

The auction runs until October 8th!



Also – Planter boxes are still for sale!  These will make an excellent holiday gift!  They’re not just for summer..

We are offering these beautiful hand-made Cocker-themed planter boxes in our Shopify store.  These planter can be used inside or outside.  They’re made of sealed pine and lined with PVC for drainage.  Each planter is 9-1/8″ square with an internal opening of 6-3/4″ square.  Each planter features a 2-dimensional carving, but you can add up to three more carvings on each planter.  Each planter is $55 including shipping.  You can order additional carved Cocker heads for your planter at $16 each (sold separately).


PlanterBL PlanterBT PlanterBUFF PlanterBW PlanterCH PlanterCHT PlanterCW PlanterTRI PlanterTW












Also – if you’d like to share a picture of your rescued LLP dog please let us know!  You can email our Secretary Anita at afab50@gmail.com.  We will try and feature as many as we can on the home page (unless we’re promoting a fundraiser).  Thank you!

Rita Kirouac – President